The future of two-way radio in South Africa

  In general, the world has been moving from analogue to digital systems for quite a while now. This migration is also taking place in the area of two-way radio communication, but the digital uptake in South Africa is reasonably slow. The authors conducted a survey to determine how stakeholders in the two-way radio industry […]

Protection of cell sites (4G/LTE)

  With the commercial introduction of UMTS technology in 2003, mobile data communication gained in importance besides voice communication. As the demand for data volumes grew, so did the global demand for bandwidth. The increasing use of smartphones and other mobile terminal equipment has lead to a significantly higher utilisation of existing conventional mobile networks. […]

Connecting to and communicating with a video wall

  A video wall consists of an integration of multiple ultra-thin bezel LCD or rear projection digital light processing (DLP) displays tiled together contiguously or overlapped to form one large logic screen. This produces a high quality image on a vast pixel estate resulting in a superior human-machine interface through effective communication with the video […]

Super-broadband speeds – it’s all in the chip!

  The first deployment of the Infinera DTN-X platform across South Africa will deliver businesses with the simplicity, scalability, and efficiency expected from a fibre network – and it is all in the chip! Internet Solutions (IS), the first in South Africa to deploy the new technology, is now able to react to changing business […]