The mainframe and PCs are dead? New developments prove us wrong!

  The mainframe was supposed to have disappeared off the scene long ago, so too the PC, but both are still around.  All the hype around smartphones and tablets seems to remain hype, but then I guess industry has always known that the mainframe and PC (and laptops) would be around for a long time […]

Gesture control: The next wave of consumer electronics user interface evolution

  Why have some smartphones and tablets been more successful than others? The answer is quite simple: they’re successful because of their intuitive user interface. It’s the part of the system that drives the user experience providing access and control of the services, applications and features of the device in a very easy to understand […]

RFID – making the “internet of things” real

Radio frequency identification (RFID), is one of the fastest growing technology sectors. The term RFID has become synonymous with reliable and repeatable automatic identification of people, assets and goods, and is likely to expand into realms not yet investigated. Stef du Plessis, director of Osiris Technical Systems, presented a paper entitled “RFID: Making the ‘internet […]

PLC: The forerunner to Industry 4.0 and the internet of things

  Industry 4.0 and the internet of things (IoT) are concepts which require a high degree of networking and communication between devices and services. Large data quantities have to be exchanged, from the sensor to the IT level. The corresponding protocols and standards of PC-based control make it ideally suited for this task. Another fundamental […]

HPC pushes computing boundaries

  High performance computing (HPC) – also referred to as super computing (SC) – was not so long ago considered to be in the realm of research institutions and academia, but today it is fast moving into industry. Companies accumulate vast amounts of data about their customers and the public’s opinions of  products and service. […]

Situational awareness – a new paradigm in HMI

  On the afternoon of 23 March 2005, the BP Texas City refinery in Texas was rocked by a series of explosions when a distillation tower in a hydrocarbon isomerisation unit flooded and sent a geyser of liquid into the air, producing a cloud of highly-flammable vapour that was promptly ignited by an idling pickup truck. […]