Engines for pump applications

May 16th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Cummins supplies quality engines for pumps in fields ranging from agriculture and irrigation to mining and firefighting. These industries represent a growth opportunity and focus for ongoing innovation. Cummins’ Mohamed Othman says the company does not supply pump products per se, but the engines that drive pumps in various industries, with a focus on engine technology. The company supplies end-users and OEMs of pump products. In agriculture, it supplies variable-speed engines to optimise centre-pivot irrigation lines, while sector pumps are used in firefighting. The company does not only supply products but focuses on engine selection for the application at hand. Such a customised approach reduces overall capital costs for the client. Customers have access to seminars, with events planned for this year from in the United Arab Emirates; South Africa; Saudi Arabia, and Ghana.

Contact Deepa Rungsamy, Cummins, Tel 011 589-8512, deepa.rungasamy@cummins.com



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