Enhanced capabilities for AI, signal processing and static analysis

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

MathWorks introduced Release 2019a of Matlab and Simulink, which contains new products and enhancements for artificial intelligence (AI), signal processing, and static analysis, along with new capabilities and bug fixes across all products. With R2019a, MathWorks enables engineers to extend their AI skills, whether it is to develop controllers and decision-making systems using reinforcement learning, training deep learning models on Nvidia DGX and cloud platforms, or applying deep learning to 3D data. This release introduces Reinforcement Learning Toolbox, which facilitates a type of machine learning that trains an “agent” through repeated trial-and-error interactions with an environment to solve controls and decision-making problems. The toolbox reiterates the company’s commitment to AI, building on last fall’s R2018b introduction of Deep Learning Toolbox, which was enhanced with support for NVIDIA GPU Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, and interoperability through support of the ONNX exchange format. Further support for AI in R2019a includes significant enhancements to Computer Vision Toolbox, Data Acquisition Toolbox, and Image Acquisition Toolbox.

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