Driving energy-efficiency at Matimba

March 16th, 2012, Published in Articles: Energize

Driving energy-efficiency has taken on a renewed sense of urgency in South Africa. Apart from encouraging business, industry and consumers to save electricity, Eskom remains committed to driving efficiency within its own operations. This includes working closely with its own suppliers in order to find new ways to generate energy savings. This innovative approach – recently taken with the team from Shell Lubricants – has already seen a number of gearboxes at Matimba power station reduce their power consumption by almost 3%, translating into a cost saving of almost R1-million per annum for the power station. The saving promises to make a significant impact on both the power station’s bottom line and its contribution to the national grid. For both teams at Eskom and Shell Lubricants, this trial is just the beginning of an ongoing quest to catalyse energy-efficiency.

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