Eskom puts muscle into training young building energy auditors

March 20th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

The artisan and technical faculty of the Eskom Academy of Learning in Midrand, Johannesburg, has certified its first 33 building energy auditors after having successfully completed the rigorous year-long building energy auditors training programme (BEAT). The technicians, who hail from Soweto, Tembisa, Alexandra, Katlehong, Johannesburg and Pretoria, received their skills programme certificates from the ESETA (energy sector education and training authority). These graduates are now equipped to conduct energy audits on buildings and provide competent advice to customers on energy efficient technologies, processes and systems. The company believes that by extending training and development programmes such as these, they can improve skills to ensure the continual integration of cutting-edge expertise and knowledge to assist customers to replace energy intensive technologies with energy efficient solutions. The company offers a range of energy efficiency rebate programmes to encourage a collective switch to new technologies, solutions, processes and systems in businesses across South Africa, irrespective of size or type. Developed as the foundation for a business-to-business partnership, the rebate programmes support energy efficiency projects capable of achieving annual electricity savings ranging from 2 MWh to 30 GWh sustainable over a period of three years. These programmes include the standard product, standard offer, ESCo model and performance contracting. conducting energy audits on buildings and providing competent advice to customers play a crucial role in energy efficiency projects in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Detailed information on Eskom’s rebate programmes can be found at

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