New methodology for 3D cityscape creation

August 8th, 2013, Published in Articles: PositionIT

When Esri merged geospatial technology with digital urban design in CityEngine in 2011, it created a revolutionary new methodology for 3D cityscape creation. At Siggraph 2013, Esri demonstrated the powerful capabilities of CityEngine and other GIS solutions for digital artists in film, television, and game design. Creating realistic 3D city designs is a notoriously expensive process, typically involving teams of designers and multiple specialised software programs. At Siggraph, Esri showed how CityEngine helps simplify and improve the quality of urban designs by connecting spatial datasets with building design rules, resulting in more impressive and accurate 3D models. Using CityEngine to build 3D metropolis models gives designers an edge by integrating geography into the artistic process. CityEngine’s highly automated drag-and-drop process for creating cities has been used in movies such as Cars 2, Total Recall, and Man of Steel, as well as in TV commercials and video games. Highlights of Esri’s exhibit at Siggraph 2013 included the CityEngine 2013 demonstration, a preview of the SDK plug-in that enables the 3D-building generator capabilities inside Maya, and the Oculus Rift 3D city demo.

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