Indexing geospatial image and vector data

July 18th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

PCI Geomatics has announced the release of Geomatica Discover, a new browser-based software tool that crawls local system drives or removable drives to automatically create a searchable geospatial data catalogue. The tool is designed to help users locate the data they need for specific projects. Users can either create search queries based on image/sensor type, resolution, acquisition date, geo-location, or search for data by simply panning and zooming on the map based interface to obtain dynamic, real time results over a specific area. For further efficiency, users can also sort imagery based on metadata, define rules to group imagery into sets, and quickly bundle, archive, and share imagery in just a few mouse clicks. Its browser-based GUI streamlines working with data and users are able to import any type of geospatial data, create sets, search metadata, and much more. Users can also bundle and archive their selected datasets for easy organisation and sharing. The product can locate and directly access over 100 image and GIS formats, including: Digital Globe, GeoEye, Kompsat-2, Landsat 7, Rapideye, Spot, Envisat, Radarsat-2 and more.

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