Fitness monitor tracks temperature in addition to movement and heart-rate

February 14th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


rf-design-nordic_bleNordic Semiconductor has announced that U.S. startup Hothead Technologies has specified Nordic’s nRF8001 Connectivity chip to provide Bluetooth low energy wireless comms in the world’s first fitness monitor. The head-worn Spree Fitness monitor tracks body temperature in addition to conventional movement (time, speed, and distance) and heart-rate. Various studies have shown that hyperthermia (body temperature greatly above normal (37,5°C or over), as opposed to hypothermia which is body temperature greatly below normal (less than 35,0°C) can adversely affect both physical performance and reduced the benefits of exercise (e.g. hyperthermia). This fitness monitor is said to be the world’s first product to recognise this fact and in conjunction with a free Spree app running on any Bluetooth v4,0 (which includes Bluetooth low energy as a hallmark feature) enabled smartphone or tablet enables users to monitor their optimal temperature- movement- heart-rate workout zone in real time. In operation, all measurement technologies are integrated into a small “performance optimisation device” that fits securely into a water-resistant silicone elastic headband that the end user wears (and indeed additionally benefits from functioning) like a traditional sweatband.

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