ESSA lighting courses: March to June 2014

April 4th, 2014, Published in Uncategorised articles

The Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) will be presenting a Lighting School and a photometry course in the remainder of the first held of 2914.

The lighting school will be presented at the offices of the National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) in Pretoria between 19 and 23 May 2014. The course will be of value to those who design and inspect lighting systems and, particularly, municipal engineers, building and industrial engineers and technicians, electrical contractors, lighting equipment suppliers and buyers, as well as electrical engineers.

The photometry course will be presented at the offices of the SABS, Pretoria, on 3 and 4 June 2014. It will be of value to those who design, use or maintain lighting systems, particularly building designers, interior and exterior decorators, energy service providers, lighting equipment suppliers, architects, building services engineers and electrical engineers. Subject matter will include light source calibration, integrating sphere photometry, distribution, and goniometer photometry. The course is aimed specifically at persons who require a better understanding of photometric measurements.

Contact Sue Swash, IESSA, Tel: 011 476-4171,



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