Eurolux acquires Radiant Lighting

April 12th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Eurolux has officially announced its recent acquisition of Radiant Lighting. The merger came into effect on 1 January 2019 and sees the two brands running parallel to each other as separate entities under the umbrella of the Eurolux Group.

Eurolux started out as a modest Cape Town operation in 1991 and has continued to grow from strength to strength. With two locations in South Africa, the brand is a major player in lighting importation and distribution.

Radiant began operations in 1990 and, similarly to Eurolux, expanded its offerings as the company flourished and experienced rapid growth. Together, the two companies have a combined trading history of 57 years. This strengthened pool of resources allows for an improved product offering and an elevated level of customer service.

“We strongly believe that this merger will bring about only positive changes for everyone, especially our customers,” says Eurolux director Shaun Bouchier. He says the merger will make both companies stronger and more competitive.

Although it is business as usual for both companies’ staff, there are exciting changes on the horizon in the future. Bouchier says the Eurolux team in Johannesburg will move to the existing Radiant building in Wynberg, Sandton, where several showroom concepts will be launched over the course of 2019.

“This new chapter will also see the brands establish a presence in Durban with a new showroom in the works,” says Bouchier. The Radiant team in Cape Town has already moved into the Eurolux Milnerton offices.

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