Protecting industrial integration standard systems

March 1st, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

MTL Instruments has announced the new MTL Tofino OPC Enforcer loadable software module (LSM). This extention to the existing MTL Tofino product line of industrial network security products locks down any automation system using the previously hard-to-secure OPC Classic protocol. Specifically designed for OPC communications, the OPC Enforcer is said to provide improved network reliability, availability and security for the process control and SCADA industries. OPC Classic is widely used in control systems as an interoperability solution, interfacing control applications from multiple vendors. Unfortunately, as numerous studies show, the technologies underlying it were designed before network security issues were widely understood. As a result, OPC Classic has been almost impossible to secure until now. The MTL Tofino OPC Enforcer is said to be an ideal solution for the numerous industrial networks that use OPC Classic. Its innovation provides two important benefits – it provides robust security and stability for systems using OPC Classic, thus preventing industrial network attacks and accidents; and it is implemented without any control system changes.

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