Extracting value from satellite imagery

September 26th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Geospatial companies Esri South Africa and Swift Geospatial hosted an aerial imagery workshop with satellite imagery providers Planet and DigitalGlobe. One of three such national workshops, it took place at Esri South Africa’s Midrand offices on 19 September 2017. The workshop provided users with a chance to learn and ask questions about the imagery offerings, and learn how to better utilise the range of imagery for different applications. Planet’s fleet of 190 cubesats which captures 3 m resolution imagery of 85% of the globe every two days can be useful for near real-time monitoring and change detection applications.

Alex Fortescue (DigitalGlobe), James Saunders (Swift Geospatial), Nuno Vilaça (Planet) and Francois Debroux (MDA).

Alex Fortescue (DigitalGlobe), James Saunders (Swift Geospatial), Nuno Vilaça (Planet) and Francois Debroux (MDA).

It can also be used to plan higher resolution imagery capture in areas of interest (a practice known as tipping and cueing), using services such as DigitalGlobe’s range of high and very high resolution (down to 30 cm) multispectral satellites. MDA’s acquisition of DigitalGlobe will also complement the multispectral imagery with synthetic-aperture radar imagery. Swift Geospatial’s custom change detection solutions run on satellite imagery from both providers, and is integrated into Esri’s ArcGIS platform. The GIS platform features built-in functions to process and analyse satellite imagery, some of which were highlighted during the workshop.

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