Fan range redesigned

November 27th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

TLT-Turbo has announced the redesign of its Auxiliary and Booster fan ranges. Developed in close collaboration with clients, the new designs address efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a versatile product range that meets the specific ventilation requirements of the mining industry.

The development of the new fan range concept began in early 2015. Following a lengthy global market study to gain an understanding of the market requirements, the range was defined in mid-2017, with fabrication of the first units shortly thereafter. TLT-Turbo Africa technical director Michael Minges says the development of the ranges would not have  been possible without client input, which ensured that the company focused on key market-driven requirements. These included energy efficiency, noise reduction, cost-effectiveness and turnaround time.

“To sell these products, we needed to ensure close customer relationships and visibility. We are striving to change the industry’s mindset on the use of such fans to ensure proper fan selection for the ventilation required. In optimising mine ventilation, quality auxiliary and booster fans can add as much value as surface fan installations.”

The company started commissioning of the first iterations of the fan range towards the end of 2017 within the sub-Saharan market, through its Africa office. From there, they based the development of the various fan sizes of the new range on market interest. The fan designs and their performance validation were completed at the end of July 2019.

The new designs include several additions to enhance performance. A unique stator design and aerodynamic fairings, all manufactured from wear-resistant composite materials, result in improved efficiencies. The modularity of the fan casings allows for quick and easy assembly with interchangeable ancillary fan parts.  The motor mounting, in coherence with a machined impeller track, ensures low and controllable blade tip clearances for improved performance and efficiencies. Pad mount motors are used for all fan sizes and help reduce vibration levels in the axial direction of the motor significantly which leads to longer motor bearing life and lower maintenance requirements.

Ease of maintenance was also a consideration in developing the new Auxiliary and Booster range. The modularity of the product design and the interchangeable, standardised parts allows for quick turnaround time on parts supply.

The fan range is being rolled out in phases. Preliminary testing at sites in sub-Saharan Africa has been launched successfully. The next phase is globalisation as the new range will be rolled out in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and Australia.

Contact Marianne Bidgood, TLT Turbo Africa, Tel 012 755-8307,

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