Fast 3D mapping of buildings and small infrastructure

June 9th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The Heron Lite is a solution for fast 3D surveying and mapping of buildings and small infrastructures, where automatic self-localisation and real-time change detection features are not required. However, if these features are needed, the upgrade to Heron AC-2 or MS-2 is possible. The Heron Lite satisfies the needs of fast local real-time mapping with its patented 360° surround view to capture real-time 3D lidar data that includes distances and calibrated reflectivity measurements. The easy-to-use interface and the light weight make the system a useful tool for daily 3D mapping in the field. The system comprises a Velodyne Puck Lite sensor and rugged control unit, and it is fully compatible with JRC 3D Reconstructor software to manage point clouds and images coming from different lidar and imaging platforms. The Heron comes with Heron Desktop software which includes a part of Reconstructor software. The 3D mapping system uses its own SLAM algorithm, and does not require initialisation. It is also not necessary to stop after short intervals. Georeferencing can be achieved using targets, GCP’s, previous scans by tripod based scanners or UAV data

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