Filtering dust by inertia

February 7th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


Current industrial filtration methods often require costly maintenance, and filter membrane replacement on an ongoing basis. Tshwane-based Rand Technical Services (RTS) offers robust, highly-effective inertial spin filter technology for industrial dust and exhaust separation, which is virtually maintenance-free. Spin filter units are a high-efficiency application of cyclone technology. Air to be separated is blown through a module that consists of a series of small vortexes. The air flow is induced to spin by fixed vanes at the entry to the vortexes, and centrifugal force then drives the dirt particles to the outside of the vortex. The dirt-laden air is purged through an annular port at the end of the vortex tube. A purge fan is used to keep the dirt-laden waste air in flight, from where it is either dispersed or collected as required. Clean air then exits to process, with 98% of particles 15 µm and larger are removed by this simple process.

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