Solar firm reaches cost reduction milestone

November 12th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

In issuing third quarter 2013 financial results, thin-film market leader First Solar reported its largest quarterly decline in its CdTe module cost per watt since 2007. As a result of its manufacturing cost reduction program, highlighted earlier in the year at its Analyst Day event, the company said it had successfully met significant milestones in re-establishing itself as the lowest-cost PV manufacturer in the industry. Its module manufacturing cost per watt had been reduced to $0,59 from $0,67 last quarter, an 0,08/W or 12% reduction quarter-on-quarter. Recently, the company said it would be launching its “Solacis neo” lightweight glass substrate CIS module for the residential and commercial rooftop market in Japan. The company was also showcasing CIS thin film technology in BIPV applications. In restoring its low-cost leadership position at a time c-Si cost reductions slow, due primarily to significant polysilicon price declines over the last two-years, First Solar could be starting a new chapter in its revamped business success since restructuring.

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