Flexible photoelectric sensor with easy turn

March 3rd, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: Vector


ifm-131-03-2014Reliable background suppression, colour-independent detection and easy switch point setting are said to be some of the features of the photoelectric PMDLine sensor OID200 from Ifm Electronic. It also detects shiny surfaces like stainless steel without difficulty. This sensor with photonic mixer device (PMD) technology combines the advantages of long ranges, reliable background suppression, visible red light and high excess gain in one unit. In the same price range as conventional sensors, the OID200 is a good alternative. Another benefit of this sensor is that the switch point can be set with a simple turn of the setting ring (easy turn). A scale shows the distance set, and allows the switch point to be set before installation. Whether shiny, matt, dark or light objects of any colour, the sensor ensures reliable background suppression. Even with acute angles of incidence of the laser beam, the object can be accurately detected, providing high flexibility. The sensor also features an integrated IO-Link, for example, to read the current value.

Contact Chris Cronje, Ifm Electronic, Tel 0861 436-772, chris.cronje@ifm.com

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