Floating nuclear power station launched

September 2nd, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Akademik Lomonosov, which Rosatom describes as the world’s first floating nuclear power plant and the world’s northernmost nuclear power installation, set sail recently from Murmansk for its final destination of Pevek. Upon completing the 4700 km journey to Pevek, Akademik Lomonosov will become a central part of the Chukotka region’s power supply, replacing the Bilibino nuclear power plant and the Chaunskaya combined heat and power plant. The technology is said to have attracted interest from the Middle East, North Africa, and South-East Asia.

Floating nuclear power units can operate non-stop without the need for refuelling for three to five years, thereby considerably reducing the cost of electricity generation, Rosatom said. The reactors have the potential to work particularly well in regions with extended coastlines, power supply shortages and limited access to electricity grids, it said. Akademik Lomonosov is 144 m in length, 30 m wide and has a displacement of 21 000 t. It has a twin KLT-40 reactor system.

Contact Alena Georgobiani, Rosatom, Tel 011 784-2554, aageorgobiani@rosatominternational.com


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