Floodlighting ideal for sports applications

February 11th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Paarl Boys High School celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. The school completed its new Astro hockey field as part of the celebrations. Floodlighting was included as part of the hockey field build and the recently launched OMNIblast-E was the floodlight of choice. A mixture of OMNIblast-E-1 and OMNIblast-E-2 LED floodlights was installed to achieve the desired illuminance level. LED technology enables instant strike when the floodlights are switched on. LED floodlights can also easily be dimmed using DALI controls. Three switching stages were set: stage 1 at 75 Lux; stage 2 at 150 Lux and stage 3 at 350 Lux. The advantage of DALI in this application is that the uniformity level remains at dimming stages, as opposed to switching luminaires off to reduce light levels but compromising uniformity. Other benefits include prolonged LED lifetime and no maintenance. The local-manufactured OMNIblast-E provides high efficiency and flexibility to adapt to lighting needs. Available in three sizes, it offers an alternative with benefits for traditional fixtures with 600 to 2000 W HID lamps.

Contact Riaan Bubb, BEKA-Schr├ęder, Tel 021 510-8900, r.bubb@beka-schreder.co.za

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