Flow computer for natural gas volume conversion

February 25th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


RMG by Honeywell recently introduced the ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector, providing a reliable and more intuitive solution for natural gas volume conversion in fiscal and secondary metering applications. Featuring a new graphical touch screen user interface, the new flow computer enables gas distribution, transportation and storage service organisations to accurately measure gas flow, correct the measured volume, calculate energy consumption, and provides all data via standardised protocols. It is certified by the European measuring instruments directive  as a gas volume and calorific value corrector for custody transfer metering of natural gasses. The unit can easily be integrated in a gas train application in a cabinet along with gas chromatographs, flow computers, data loggers and controllers. The new intuitive human-machine interface touch screen navigation can even be used by operators wearing gloves by using a touch pen. Remote maintenance software capabilities limit the number of on-site visits and reduce the time for commissioning and maintenance. In addition, an optional USB port allows the use of an external keyboard.

Contact Boni Magudulela, Honeywell SA, Tel 011 695-8033, boni.magudulela@honeywell.com

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