Forecasting a future of technology for people, by people

January 27th, 2017, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


At a recent press briefing, executives from Accenture discussed the rapid acceleration of human-centric technology in artificial intelligence (A)I, where digital ecosystems and marketplaces will empower people, and drive transformation of business and society.

In the company’s annual technology report Accenture Technology Vision 2017  the most significant technology trends that will be applied to disrupt business over the next three years are predicted. The theme of the report  “Technology for People,”  is a call to action for business and technology leaders to actively design and direct technology to augment and amplify human capabilities. The report states that we are beginning to see the emergence of technology for people. As part of the technology vision initiative, Accenture surveyed more than 5400 business and IT executives worldwide. Nearly nine in ten respondents (86%) said that while individual technologies are rapidly advancing, it is the multiplier effect of these technologies that is creating innovation breakthroughs.

Hans Zachar, MD technology strategy; Dr. Roze Phillips, MD Accenture Consulting; Rory Moore, innovation lead and Willie Schoeman, MD Accenture Technology.

Five emerging technology trends were identified that are essential to business success in today’s digital economy: AI is the new user interface – AI is coming of age, tackling problems both big and small by making interactions simple and smart; Design for humans – technology adapts to how we behave and learns from us to enhance our lives, making them richer and more fulfilling; Ecosystems as macrocosms – platform companies that provide a single point of access to multiple services have completely broken the rules for how companies operate and compete; Workforce marketplace – leading companies are dissolving traditional hierarchies and replacing them with talent marketplaces, which in turn is driving the most profound economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution; The uncharted – instead of focusing solely on introducing new products and services, companies should think much bigger — seizing opportunities to establish rules and standards for entirely new industries. Of the executives surveyed, 74% said that their organisation is entering entirely new digital industries that have yet to be defined.

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