Foundation focuses on machine learning for earth observation

September 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Over the past three years, Radiant Earth Foundation has share information on the growth and innovation in the earth observation (EO) marketplace broadly. More recently, the foundation has begun to explore the intersection of EO technology and machine learning techniques, and the opportunities the convergence of these technologies offer. It believes a need exists within the global development community to understand, prepare for, and exploit rapidly-advancing machine learning and earth observation technologies. These technologies can be important for addressing critical and complex challenges such as food security, climate change, urbanisation, and water availability. Going forward, the foundation will focus its efforts on three strategic goals: Fostering an open source hub to discover and access EO training datasets and machine learning models; Cultivating a community of practice to develop standards around machine learning on EO and to expand the interoperability of these tools and datasets; and raising awareness amongst global development actors, data scientists, and geospatial professionals on the progress and innovation in the machine learning and EO marketplace. In future updates, it will share information on the activities it is undertaking to support these goals, and most importantly, that of the broader community to advance the use of earth observations in support of sustainable development activities.

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