Four 32-tonne portal cranes ordered

August 2nd, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

An order from WBHO for four 32-tonne portal cranes to manage materials handling at its Copperton and Garob wind tower pre-cast yard in Northern Cape brings to six the number of these machines that will have been delivered by Condra for pre-cast work in the last nine months, and to eight the total number of gantry cranes manufactured by Condra over the past year. Portal cranes for pre-cast yards are purpose-built to lift, position, stack and load reinforced concrete components. The machines for WBHO will help produce 20 m keystones to erect the 100 m reinforced concrete wind towers at Copperton and Garob. Each of the four cranes will feature two 32-tonne hoists delivering lifting speeds of 3m/min over lifting heights of 9,09 m. WBHO’s machines will each stand over 11 m tall on 8,65 m end-carriages, and spanning 28,5 m between rails.

Contact Marc Kleiner, Condra, Tel 011 776-6000,


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