Funding to further democratise mapping

November 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Picterra, a geospatial software organisation that enables users to extract satellite and drone imaging insights through a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise, has announced $3,3-million in new funding that will help further democratise geospatial mapping data. The funding will go toward growing Picterra’s team and building upon its early successes, such as a community-built library of hundreds of deep learning models; reducing the training of deep learning models, and democratising its geospatial mapping search engine. Seed round investors include Space Capital; Omidyar Network; Atlantic Labs; and another European venture capital firm. Picterra’s platform is driven by a community of users who pool their data and expertise to collectively create a continuously-improving library of deep learning algorithms. This approach gives everyone – not just data scientists and developers – the opportunity to analyse and draw real-time insights from satellite and aerial imagery. By enabling quicker and more accurate monitoring of the earth’s surface, Picterra, its platform, and community of users further help geospatial technology address pressing issues, like climate change.

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