Future-ready companies perform better

August 2nd, 2016, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


In the 2015 IDC Future-ready enterprise study sponsored by Dell four key levels of enterprise future readiness are identified. These are: future creators, future focussed, future aware and current focussed. The more future ready the organisations in the study were, the stronger their business outcomes across a wide range of key performance indicators, from revenue growth and profitability to employee productivity and retention.

Organisations with the highest levels of future readiness are driving better business outcomes through IT infrastructure optimised to deliver scalable , high quality, high reliability services . The IT organisation in these companies are equal partners working proactively. These businesses use big data and analytics to make better and faster business decisions.

Future aware companies are focussed on improving their IT service delivery and are initiating activities to improve their IT infrastructure and operations including extending virtualisation and evaluating converged infrastructure.  They are staring to manage their cloud adoption across business unites  and have some n data integration to support big data and analytics.

Commenting on the IDC report Claire Vyvyan, Dell VP enterprise solution group EMEA said that as technologies and IT are increasingly able to give businesses a competitive advantage, CEOs are turning more toward CIOs as the new business experts. She said that as businesses prepare for future demands, our goal is to avoid a split between new and traditional technologies by focusing on compute-centric and software driven models. By combining emerging software-defined data centre technologies and new infrastructure hardware designs, Dell aims to deliver a future-ready approach that will help companies to be workload-ready, virtual-ready, big data-ready and cloud-ready.  The company believes that one unified strategy for improving structure, workloads and experiences means better outcomes across the board.

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