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April 30th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


by Hans van de Groenendaal,  features editor,  EngineerIT

Capture and share high quality imagery in an instant

NX30_Lifestyle (2)

The new Samsung NX30 camera  features high quality images and with faster than ever performance. The line of NX lenses has  been expanded with the introduction of its first “S” premium lens series. The NX30 allows photographers to shoot with confidence, providing a seamless ability to capture moments and share them immediately. The camera features the advanced 20,3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor which is ideal for creating photographs with dramatic foreground and background blur. It also has  fast and accurate auto focusing. The  NX30 has a  fast 1/8000 sec shutter speed and a  9 frame per seconds continuous shooting function. These features help to further break down the action and capture movement beyond what the eye can see so that each split second can be appreciated.

The electronic  viewfinder (XGA, 2359 K-dot resolution) is tiltable.  The 80°  tilt means that different viewpoints are simple to achieve. With the ability to move from side to side up to 180°, and upward and downward up to 270°, 76,7 mm Super AMOLED swivel and touch display offers flexible angles which are especially useful for self-shooting, whether for stills or video capture.

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Turning TVs and displays into tablets

Prestigio’sgadget__rs3897_paB2411_entire PMD1 MultiScreen enables android devices (4.2 version or later) that support Miracast to duplicate their content over WiFi to the connected HDMI device. Full HD movies or music can now be played from the android device and viewed/listened to over the HDMITV or display. Similarly presentations can now be performed actively as the relevant content can be displayed on an HDMI screen from the tablet whilst moving around as the “mirror screen” is no longer limited to a wired connection. The PMD1 is powered over USB and creates its own point-to-point WiFi connection to the android device so as to not interfere with an existing WiFi connection present on the android device. The PAB2411 MultiCentre Box and PAD2411 MultiCentre Mini transforms an HDMI screen into a fully functional Prestigio tablet controlled not via touch but rather via an infrared remote, and supports USB plug-in devices such as wireless keyboards, external disk drives or USB modems.powered by an external adapter.

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Smartphone?  Now smart cameras that monitor the baby!


Samsung’s WB350F smart camera  has innovative dual capture and baby monitoring capabilities. The various smart modes, that come standard with the WB350F, demonstrate the increasing demand for in-device editing and personalisation. Parents with a home WiFi network can now also make use of the camera’s “baby monitor” feature by simply linking the device to a Samsung smartphone or tablet. Download the free Samsung baby monitor app from the Google play store directly to the smart device and activate on both the phone and camera. The camera automatically alerts the caregiver when the baby wakes up by tracking the ambient noise in the room. This is a safe and protected built-in feature which enables remote camera viewing to keep an eye on the baby, adding a visual benefit to the traditional walkie-talkie solution.   As part of Samsung’s partnership with AlwaysOn, the WB350F smart camera also qualifies for 1 GB of free WiFi data, every month for twelve months, using the country-wide network of more than 1500 local AlwaysOn hotspots.

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A smartphone with many functions

nokia_lumia_1320_groupThe Nokia Lumia 1320 is a brilliant combination of hardware and software features in a 15 cm smartphone. Features such  Nokia camera and Storyteller – combined with HERE drive and unlimited streaming of ad-free music on Nokia MixRadio  sounds like great value for money particularly if the music comes free with unlimited access. There is a definite move in the market towards larger screened smartphones, and the Windows Phone user interface really looks great with the extra screen real estate. With the latest apps, as well as great Xbox games, a wealth of content can be enjoyed on the 1320.

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