Geomatics Indaba 2015 – Proceedings Day 2

September 9th, 2015, Published in Articles: PositionIT


Keynote address: On multi-sensor navigation concept evolution, trends and applications
by Dr. Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, President, Institute of Navigation

Towards automated tunnel traversing for the control of deep level mining
by Glenn Stacey, Bekir Genc and Fred Cawood, University of Witwatersrand

Combining different technologies for better assessing slope stability on a mine
by Ian du Toit, Optron

New technologies and the changing face of Geomatics
by Chris Kirchhoff, 5Dsurvey and Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors

Satellite technology as an aid to map and monitor construction/infrastructure sites anywhere in the world
by Dr. Corne Eloff, Airbus Defence and Space

Situational analysis for health facility planning
by Francois Venter, Department of Health

Thoughts on the development of site and route selections in Eskom using GIS
by Adri de la Rey, Eskom  ESI-GIS

Utility pole attachment surveys: a collaborative approach to maximising revenue
by Brian Soliday, IkeGPS

Spatial property registers, the way forward for valuation roll accuracy and revenue management
by Janet Channing, MetGovis  and Jenny Barnard, Professional GISc Practitioner

Does red line data overrule title deeds? The tyranny of red line diagrams
by Biff Lewis, Biff Lewis Geomatics

Demarcation of census enumeration areas for the 2016 population and housing census in Lesotho
by Hennie Loots, GeoSpace

The composite indicators of access to information and communication technologies in South Africa
by Tebogo More, Statistics South Africa

Quantifying land use change in South Africa
by Stuart Martin, GeoTerraImage

The South African database on Protected and Conserve areas (SAPAD) – Realising the objectives of the SDI Act and custodianship
by Nicolene Fourie, Department of Environmental Affairs

The role of smart GIS technologies in supporting and controlling EU farmer subsidies in Austria
by Markus Holler, Hexagon Geospatial

A remote sensing and GIS spatial analysis of the magnitude and environmental effects of heavy metal pollution due to traffic in Mafikeng
by Chris Munyati and Refilwe Matsie, North-West University

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles “UAVs” as a geospatial tool
by Michael Breetzke, Swift UAS Geospatial

An overview of the South African RPAS regulations
by Sonet Kok, AviComply

Controls on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
by Daan van Beek, Non-Proliferation Secretariat

New RPAS training academies: A major step forward forSouth African aviation
by Albert Drijfhout, RPAS Training Academy

UAS-based point cloud generation
by Charles Toth and Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, The Ohio State University

UAV- based laser scanning to meet special challenges in lidar surveying
by Philipp Amon, Ursula Riegl, Peter Rieger, Martin Pfennigbauer, Riegl Laser Measurement Systems

Band alignment and orthorectification of satellite images with insufficient attitude and metadata
by Philip Bouwer, Thinus Prinsloo and Andreas Rademeyer, Pinkmatter Solutions

Oblique photogramme- try-based 3D GIS technology. The importance of structured slope monitoring in the mining industry
by Evelyn Sun, SuperMap Software and Mariska de Lange, 3D Laser Mapping

Spectral analysis of 8-band WorldView-2 data for monitoring regional vegetation condition: Mapping of alien invasive plants species in the West Coast
by Hannes Mazus, and Nisbert Takura Chimboza, GEO Data Design


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