Geospatial solutions for renewable energy

June 10th, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


AAM provides advanced geospatial solutions for the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. To meet the needs of developers, consultants and contractors, the company has established a renewable energy focus group and has to date undertaken numerous projects in the field of wind, solar PV, solar CSP and hydro in Southern Africa and Australia.

The company’s role in these projects starts once the site has been identified by the developer and requires detailed survey and mapping of the terrain from airborne remote sensing required for greenfields development of selected sites. To solve this need, the company would typically undertake an aerial lidar survey with simultaneous digital imagery capture of the site.


The lidar solution uses a laser sensor mounted in one of AAM’s fixed wing survey aircraft to measure terrain heights to provide accurate terrain models and contours. The colour digital imagery is corrected to provide a digital orthophoto map. Typically the deliverable datasets would be contours at 0,25 m or 0,5 m intervals and high resolution imagery with 10 cm or 15 cm pixels sizes. This terrain topology is invaluable in the planning and design stages of the project for determining slopes, positions for access roads, drainage and positions of the renewables infrastructure such as wind turbines or solar panels… (more)

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