GIS update improves map sharing

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Maptitude 2019, a major release of Caliper Corporation’s geographic information system (GIS) and mapping software, is available now. The 2019 version provides a new file structure that makes it simple to save and share maps in a single document. It now includes one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint, the ability to share and save work in a single document. The software can compress all of your windows, tables, and map layers into a single file for sharing. In addition, users can autosave and file lock their workspaces to protect work and prevent accidental overwriting. Support for discontinued Microsoft MapPoint and Streets and Trips files makes the this release the obvious replacement for those products. Maptitude 2019 imports waypoints directly into the Routing Manager, along with settings such as arrival and departure times, and supports MapPoint shapes/lines/text and the ability to edit them. The latest version also enhances the ability to update a map with changes made to the data source. In addition to updating geocoded point locations, users can update areas with changes in your Excel spreadsheet or SQL Server database.

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