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August 7th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

Vector will be publishing exam questions from previous exams issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a service to our readers who are studying for their Engineering Certificate of Competency. This month’s paper, “Legal knowledge: mines”, was set in November 2012.

Question 1

The employer requires an exemption from part of the Act in terms of Section 79 of the Mine Health and Safety Act. State the requirements and conditions for the application.                                                                                                 (10)

Question 2

Define the following in terms of the Minerals Act regulations:

  • Banksman (2)

  • Gauge pressure (2)

  • Material (2)

  • Winze (2)

  • Movable electric apparatus (2)


Question 3

Define the following in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

  • Health and safety representative (3)

  • Mining area (2)

  • Owner (5)

Question 4

The employer wants to install a winch and a mono-rope winch. What measures must be taken to prevent people from being injured by these winches?


Question 5

What measures must the employer take to prevent persons from being injured by moving parts of any machine?


Question 6

As the engineering manager, you have been requested to appoint subordinate engineers. What are the requirements and responsibilities of subordinate engineers in terms of Minerals Act regulations and


Question 7

  • As the engineer you have reviewed the complaints book. What are the requirements for a complaints book, in terms of Minerals Act regulation 4.4.1? (6)

  • Poisonous water has been found in an area at a mine. What precautions need to be taken with regard to this water? (4)


Question 8

  • What are the requirements for locking devices on the clutches of winding plant? (5)

  • When may an old used rope be used on a winding plant? (3)

  • What signal is given by the onsetter to the winding engine driver when persons are about to travel in the conveyance? (2)


Question 9

  • What are the physical requirements for an elevator machinery motor room? (5)

  • In terms of Minerals Act regulation 20.7.3, when may machinery be set in motion? (2)

  • State the restrictions that are placed on mines regarding joints in flexible or trailing cables in hazardous locations. (3)


Question 10

You are employed at an opencast mine. The mine has 150 employees. State the requirements for the first-aid rooms. (7)

A mine uses cyanide. What are the first-aid requirements? (7)


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