Guidelines for renewable energy projects published for comment

September 23rd, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


The Department of Environmental Affairs has published its environmental impact assessment (EIA) guideline for renewable energy projects for comment. The Department says that these guidelines have been written to assist independent power producers (IPPs) in South Africa with their project planning, financing, permitting, and implementation strategies. The document is primarily to provide guidance on the environmental management legal framework and is applicable to renewable energy operations and all the role players in the construction, installation and/or development of concentrating solar power, wind turbine power, hydropower, and photovoltaic (PV) power generation projects.

The guideline is principally intended for use by public sector authorities (as regulator and/or competent authority); joint public sector authorities and project funders; private sector entities (as project funder, developer or consultant); other interested and affected parties (as determined by the project location and/or scope). The guideline seeks to identify activities requiring environmental authorisation prior to the commencement of that activity, and provide an interface between national EIA regulations and other legislative requirements of various authorities.

The document consists of four parts:

Part A reviews and describes various renewable energy technologies.

Part B outlines the renewable energy authorization requirements.

Part C summarises stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Part D describes the integrated environmental environmental application process.

The full document is available on the Department of Environmental Affairs’ website:

Stakeholders have until 8 October 2014 to submit written comments to Siyabonga Zondi, Department of Environmental Affairs,


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