High sensitivity latching digital Hall-effect sensor

February 6th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


Honeywell Sensing and Control’s new SS360PT and SS460P high sensitivity latching Hall-effect sensor ICs with built-in pull-up resistors are high performance yet economical sensor ICs well-suited for demanding, cost-sensitive high-volume applications, such as commuting brushless DC motors used for medical equipment and appliances as well as for flow-rate sensing, speed and RPM sensing, tachometers, counter pickups, motor and fan controls. These sensors provide reliable switching points with a high magnetic sensitivity of 30 Gauss typical, at 25°C, and 55 Gauss maximum over the full -40°C to 125°C temperature range, allowing for the use of smaller magnets or a wider air gap. These sensor ICs do not use chopper stabilisation on the Hall element, providing a cleaner output signal and a faster latch response time when compared to competitive, chopper-stabilised, high sensitivity Hall-effect bipolar latching sensor ICs. Latching magnetics make these sensors well-suited for accurate speed sensing and revolutions per minute measurement.

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