Handheld power quality analyser

September 9th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


TIA_new-powerTia Online has introduced a new hand-held, 3-phase power quality analyser (PQA) with a large, easy-to-read graphical colour display, enabling the user to detect harmonics, phasors and waveform anomalies in the installation simply by connecting the device. This PQA finds application in power quality assessment and troubleshooting in low and middle voltage electrical systems; the checking of power correction equipment performance; long-term analysis; predictive maintenance, and verification of electrical system capac­ity before adding loads. The instrument is designed for long-term recording, as well as for troubleshooting power quality problems in 3-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. The handy, quick-set buttons make the instrument more user-friendly and facilitate faster data overview for troubleshooting.

Contact Justin Clarkson, TIA Online, Tel 011 608-8541, sales@tiafrica.co.za

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