Head-to-foot personal protection

August 22nd, 2016, Published in Articles: Energize

Charnaud E20300 bootAJ Charnaud supplies products to numerous industries dealing with elements including hot metal smelting, fire fighting, shaft sinking, electrical safety (arc flash) operations, mining and recently live-line work (high voltage distribution lines) and specialised footwear. The company’s newest product to enter the market place is the Charnaud E20300, the newest innovation for safety shoes and forms part of the Survive-ARC personal protection kit against electric arc flash. The unique light weight, full leather safety boot is metal free and water resistant with a heat and electric shock resistant outsoles. The work boots have a breathable lining, in-sock antibacterial treatment and ergonomic design for continuous comfort. When an electrical current passes through air between ungrounded and grounded conductors, the temperatures can reach up to 20 000°C in a fraction of a second, with tremendous pressure blast and shrapnel hurling at high velocity. Survive-ARC comprises of a comprehensive range of arc flash protective clothing and equipment designed to protect the electrical worker against these hazards of an electric arc flash.

Contact Andrew Charnaud, AJ Charnaud, Tel 011794-6040, aj@charnaud.co.za


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