High and medium surge protector ranges

July 19th, 2018, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector

The growing demand for electricity on the power grid, the unpredictable power supply from the utilities and load shedding make it imperative to protect appliances and electronic equipment from power surges. These are caused when power is restored after interruptions, as well as by load shedding; vandalism; cable theft; power outages; overloaded socket outlets and lightning strikes. Power dips or brown-outs occur when the power drops and also pose substantial risk to equipment. Dips and surges degrade the electronic components within the equipment. Ellies offers surge protectors which cater for all home and office equipment. The solution includes medium surge protection adaptors; multi-plugs and extension leads; plugs to protect fridges and television sets, as well as a high surge range with a R30 000, two-year surge warranty for protection of items including telephones, faxes and modems.

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