High performance IMU for demanding data collection

February 5th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

SBG Systems released its Horizon IMU, a FOG-based high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) designed for demanding surveying applications such as high-altitude data collection, or mobile mapping in very dense areas such as urban canyons. The new release completes the company’s Navsight Land/Air Solution, which is a ready-to-use inertial navigation solution dedicated to surveyors for mobile data collection. It is available at different levels of accuracy to meet various application requirements and can be connected to various external equipment such as odometer and lidar. The solution already offered two levels of performance with the Ekinox and Apogee IMUs. These MEMS-based IMUs address most surveying applications with camera or lidar motion compensation and data geo-referencing. The new Horizon IMU allows customer to bring the Navsight technology to more demanding environments such as high-altitude surveying and very dense areas as well as application where only a single antenna can be used. The new IMU is based on a closed-loop FOG technology which enables ultra-low bias and noise levels. This technology allows robust and consistent performance even in low dynamics survey.

Contact Hélène Leplomb, SBG Systems, marketing@sbg-systems.com

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