High quality interoperable stand-alone traffic data

June 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Mapbox now offers stand-alone traffic data for use outside of its navigation APIs ,  for users who require comprehensive and accurate traffic data to use in customised routing engines, direct analysis, or congestion analysis. The traffic data provides real-time and predictive traffic patterns drawn from a globally distributed user-base. This data is now compatible with other proprietary datasets, as Mapbox Traffic Data uses map-neutral OpenLR encoding for maps like Here Technologies or TomTom. The data can be used to  improve intelligence with high quality commercially-available traffic data via the Public Beta of Mapbox Traffic Data. The live traffic data is well suited for urban planning, route planning at scale, and other use cases that require the analysis of raw traffic data or the simulation of billions of potential routes. Mapbox Traffic Data leverages the power of global crowds at scale (500-million monthly active users via 45 000 different Android and iOS applications built with Mapbox at more than 100 000 location updates per second), paired with advanced data processing and machine learning algorithms to offer accurate live and typical traffic profiles. The company produces updates at a five minute granularity for 2,3-billion roads segments around the world.

Contact Mapbox, www.mapbox.com/contact

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