Higher plant availability with safer and better measurement solutions

January 27th, 2015, Published in Articles: Energize


In a boiler, if the water level is too low, overheating of the water wall tubes may cause serious accidents, resulting in expensive repairs, downtime, and injury or death to personnel. If the level is too high, boiler water carries over into the superheater or turbine where it may cause damage resulting in extensive maintenance costs or outages. Controlling the water level requires sophisticated techniques as the level measurement must be accurate and transmitted to the control system. The output of a conventional differential pressure transmitter has inaccuracies mainly caused by changes of static pressure and water density in each leg, and in the steam and water inside the drum. Water at high pressure experiences density changes, independent of those caused by temperature variations. Endress and Hauser’s integrated guided-wave radar transmitters, Levelflex, ensure higher plant availability by offering more level-detection capabilities, even under harsh conditions. The device can also be premounted in the bypass and preconfigured when delivered, saving loading and mounting costs, and it is practically maintenance-free as it has no mechanical moving parts.

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