IESSA members to be certified “competent persons”

April 24th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


IESSA members will be requested to apply to be certified by the Development Committee as “competent lighting designers/persons” in the various fields of speciality as ratified.

The society believes that full IESSA members who follow the society’s guidance and the published lighting design guides should be deemed competent persons.

IESSA registered designers should be versed in the understanding and interpretation of photometric data, the performance of luminaires and light sources and the application of the lighting codes, and can be described as competent persons who can design lighting solutions.

Application forms will be available from the branch development committee chairpersons. Completed applications will be ratified by the Development Committee. Successful applicants will receive ratification cards and will be listed on the IESSA website.

Contact Sue Swash, IESSA, Tel: 011 476-4171,

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