IESSA presents lighting school

April 24th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector

This lighting course will be of value to everyone who designs and inspects lighting systems, in particular:
• Municipal engineers, technicians and managers.
• Building and industrial engineers, technicians and managers.
• Electrical contractors and certified electricians.
• Lighting equipment suppliers and buyers.
• Electrical engineers – professionals and students requiring a competency to design and measure the illumination levels of an installation.

It will cover the following:
• Eye and vision.
• Colour.
• Units and terms used in illumination.
• Photometry.
• Light sources and their control gear.
• Interior design requirements, calculations and measurements of lighting.
• Luminaires – interior and exterior.
• Emergency lighting regulations and design requirements.
• Interior lighting of retail stores, hotels, restaurants, commercial and industrial buildings.
• Use of a light meter and actual site measurements – interior and exterior sites.
• Street lighting requirements, calculations, design and measurements of lighting.
• Exterior lighting requirements for façade, security, sports, precincts, etc.
• Lighting economics and tariffs, and pay-back periods.

Contact Sue Swash, IESSA, Tel 011 476 4171,

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