Modular flow monitoring for field applications

August 16th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Ifm Electronic’s SR5900 on-site control monitor is designed for flexible connection of flow sensors. It is particularly suited for connecting sensors with different immersion depths and for those made of ceramics, high-grade stainless steel and titanium. Standardised M12 connections are used to connect the control monitor and sensor, as well as the supply. This allows the use of an evaluation and display unit in different applications, for example, for a wide range of aggressive liquids. Adjustment to the flow and setting of the switch points are carried out by pressing a pushbutton. Flow and switch point are indicated by a multicolour LED display. High repeatability of the switch points offers an optimum choice for use. Electronic locking of the settings and factory resetting of the parameters provide additional safety. The SR5900 provides high functionality while the teach button allows easy scaling of the measuring range. The monitor is available in DC and AC versions.

Contact Chris Cronjé, Ifm Electronic, Tel 0861 436-772,

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