Improved quality satellite imagery

September 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Planet introduced its Next-Generation PlanetScope imagery: a step forward in its commitment to agile aerospace and the delivery of high-frequency, global imagery. The new imagery brings enhancements to PlanetScope imagery quality and accuracy, while maintaining high coverage rates. These enhancements include richer, more vibrant colours and sharper imagery due to sensor improvements; as well as more accurate surface reflectance values for analytics and land cover classification. Next-Generation PlanetScope imagery products will be natively interoperable with public missions such as Copernicus Sentinel-2. This will empower customers to leverage PlanetScope data with other sensors to complement their analysis and applications. The company continually invests in its core product lines, leveraging hardware and software advancements to iterate quickly and deliver more value to customers. The new imagery is available in the Planet Data API and Planet Explorer. The company also announced that the European Space Agency (ESA) entered into an agreement with it to gain access to both PlanetScope and SkySat constellations, with the aim of having these tools complement data drawn from ESA’s own earth observation satellites and third party missions. Until recently, ESA had access to only RapidEye satellites under the EarthNet Programme, but has decided to expand its arsenal of tools in the hope of sharing resources and knowledge for the benefit of all citizens.

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