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February 6th, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


Bentley Systems, has released SpecWave Composer, the first product based on its acquired SpecWave technology. With SpecWave Composer and ProjectWise, architectural, engineering, construction, and operations professionals can finally bring automation and engineering rigor to the tasks of authoring, managing, and referencing engineering specifications, codes, standards, and other structured documents. SpecWave Composer will also work seamlessly with the forthcoming Project Wise Construction Work Packaging Server. This will empower AEC project teams to incorporate more reliable specifications and other text documents into their work packages, increasing the comprehensiveness of their work packaging processes to decrease onsite errors and rework, and to increase project safety, quality, and success. Advantages of the product include improved specification quality and accuracy, streamlined specification workflows through spec reuse and reduction in administrative tasks, and reduced risk associated with assets being constructed to the wrong specification or an inaccurate specification. Other positives are the ability to maintain and enforce document quality and corporate styles via structured templates the ability to ensure disparate project teams are “on the same page” in their use of specifications, and improved compliance.

Contact Martiens Pelser, Bentley, Tel 011 253-3000,

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