Incubators launched in Cape Town and Lagos

December 20th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Pan-African entrepreneurial training programme, seed fund, and incubator Mest has launched two new incubator spaces in Cape Town, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria as the programme continues to expand beyond its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The spaces will cater to everyone from startup founders and teams, to investors and corporate executives, as well as offer co-working. The new co-working offering will invite local entrepreneurs to apply to join the incubator space as well, opening the community up to startups who did not graduate from the Mest training programme.

Launched in 2008 and funded by Meltwater, the training programme, seed fund, incubator and hub for technology entrepreneurs in Africa provides skills training in software development, business and communications.

The two incubators will act as an extension of the Ghanaian community, offering entrepreneurs the same support, skilled staff, mentorship, network and resources, as well as a number of curated events in an effort to bring together the African tech community. Members of the tech incubators will find hot desks and private office packages in each location, joining a community of entrepreneurs and innovators working in technology, venture capital, digital and media.

Since its inception, the Meltwater Foundation has invested $20-million into the training programme, incubator network, and early-stage tech startups.

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