Innovations in process measurement technology

April 5th, 2018, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

At IFAT 2018, held in Munich from 14 – 18 May, Krohne will present measuring technology for the water and wastewater industries. For partially filled pipes, TidalFlux electromagnetic flowmeter with integrated capacitive level measurement is now available with profinet, allowing for simultaneous communication of multiple parameters, e.g, flow rate, height level of medium in the pipeline as well as its conductivitiy. It adds to all x300 OptiFlux and WaterFlux electromagnetic flowmeters and all x400 Optimass Coriolis mass flowmeters that are already available with profinet communication. With electromagnetic flowmeters, e.g. volume flow rate and the conductivity measurement (integrated as standard), can be transmitted simultaneously. Another highlight in the products section is the Optibar PC 5060 pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm for advanced process pressure and level applications: on the new fair model, visitors will be able to test for themselves if the diaphragm can withstand overload up to 35 times nominal pressure, e.g. in case of a line shock in water networks. Together with industry partners such as, Wilo, VAG PhoenixContact and others, KROHNE offers instrumentation and control solutions for a number of  water and wastewater applications.

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