Innovative power solution for new port

April 15th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Kohler-SDMO and its local partner, Select, recently won the tender, issued by the two shareholders of the new port of Doraleh in Dijbouti, for six 2 MVA generating sets. The generating sets are housed in CPU40 containers. They are coupled together in series and will supply power to the port and its cranes in the event of a mains outage. Two load banks were also added. When operating via the grid, a port crane draws electrical power when lifting a container. Conversely, when

lowering a container, it generates electricity which the grid is able to access. In the event of electrical interruption, the load banks absorb this power. The power plant is supplemented by three 120 000 l diesel tanks and a high-voltage equipment room. If the port is extended in the future, additional connections have been built into the design to be able to receive a further three generating sets.

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