Mechanical flow meters for remote locations without power

March 16th, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

Kobold has a range of mechanical flow meters comprising of the KSK & KSM models, for high-volume measurement and the KFR model specifically for low-flow volumes. The model KSK plastic flow meters and switches are based on the proven suspended float principle for measuring and monitoring flows in closed pipes. The media flows from below through a conical plastic measuring tube, which raises the float, and the flow rate can be read off against the scale.  They are shock- and corrosion-resistant and can be inserted or removed radially.  The KSM model is also based on the float principle with the float moving freely without friction in the measuring tube.  In this model the indication point is at the greatest diameter of the float. Applications for this model include cooling circuits, water treatment and plant engineering. The low volume flow meter model KFR is constructed as a single unit, has an acrylic housing with removable PVC, brass or stainless steel connections, and finds application primarily for gas analysis and most water applications.

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