Integration of real-time 3D mobile mapping and construction verification

June 3rd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

ClearEdge3D, makers of EdgeWise, Verity, and Rithm for Navisworks software, is has announced a collaboration with Gexcel, makers of Heron wearable scanners, that was unveiled at the SPAR 3D and AEC NEXT conferences in May 2019. The collaboration advances scan-to-BIM workflows with streamlined data collection and construction QA/QC. The two companies have joined forces to make it easier for AEC professionals to gather as-built data with the wearable laser scanners, and to compare that data against design/fabrication models using Verity software, allowing verification of installed work in real-time. The Heron scanner is 3D mobile scanner which uses simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) technology. It applies proprietary algorithms to minimise drift and maximise accuracy and speed. Using real-time visualisation of survey results, users can identify out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work. The partnership makes it even easier and more convenient for users to find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

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