Integration of spatial intelligence and 3D design model information

December 20th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Autodesk and Esri are partnering to bridge the gaps between BIM and GIS mapping technologies. Together the companies plan to enable a broad range of industries to gain better context by visualising data of the man-made world, the environment, citizens and the networks that weave it all together. For infrastructure owners around the world, both public and private, enabling BIM and GIS mapping software to more seamlessly work together will optimise their ability to plan, design, build and operate infrastructure assets saving precious time and money. It also has the potential to decrease workflow times. The companies plan to work together to integrate their respective technologies, allowing industry professionals to synthesise information from both BIM and GIS to enable a more connected infrastructure. Benefits are expected to include reductions in permitting through improved stakeholder engagement, more sustainable and resilient design through enhanced project insight, and reduced risk via improved end-to-end flow of materials, resource availability and scheduling during construction. To learn more, please visit the Autodesk and Esri collaboration page.

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